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Screen sharing shoot out and why I am now using join.me

Working in the social media analytics space for the last 2+ years, one of the most important productivity tools has become the screen sharing program. If you cannot be in the same room (or [...]

HISTORY channel teams with Foursquare in London

Hot in the heels of my Foursquare Fatigue post, the HISTORY channel in the UK has launched an initiative with Foursquare to help people uncover 600 historic sites in London. I attended the launch [...]

Mobile advertising’s success lies on the second screen not the main screen

I have Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to thank for a new analogy to debunk pundit thinking on mobile advertising. Yesterday in Barcelona, Dick gave a great speech at the annual Mobile World Congress.  [...]

Location Based Offers (LBO) – valid business model or just more L-BS?

Following on from my recent post on “Foursquare fatigue”, and the recent launch of Facebook deals in the the UK, I thought it would be a good time to look at these initiatives, from both the [...]