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A slightly off-topic post but my web analytics tool, Clicky tells me that a number of searches that end up on London Calling are actually people looking for information on how to call a London number from overseas.  I always try and help out our audience, so listed below is a quick how-to.

To call London (or in fact any UK number) from overseas, you need to first know the international dialling code for your country.

A list of these dialling codes can be found at a great site called Country Calling Codes where they even give you all of the local area codes in the UK.

For example, in the US to dial an international number you first dial 011 (which tells the phone company you want to call an international number).

Next you add the country code which is 44 for the UK

Next you DROP the leading zero, then enter the UK number you wish to dial.

So in the above example to dial 0207 123 456 in London from the US you would dial

011  44  207 123 456

(note that the 0207 becomes 207)

The same is true for mobile numbers in the UK that start with 07.

So to call mobile number 0788 123 4567 from the US you would dial

011  44  788 123 4567

TOP TIP: On your mobile, you can substitute the international access code with the + sign.  The + sign is most often obtained by pressing the * key on a numeric keypad twice quickly.

The GSM standard provides for the + sign signalling you want to make an international call anywhere in the world, so if you were a US traveller in the UK and wanted to call back home, you would simply use the + symbol then the country code then the number.

This makes things a lot easier because in each country the international access code is different.  In the UK it is 00, in Australia it is 0011 etc.

TOP TIP: If you travel a lot, then you can edit all of your phone numbers to always dial the full international code wherever you are in the world.

I have converted my entire phone book so that when I need to call someone I get straight through, and do not need to remember any dialing codes, wherever I am in the world.

In the example above, UK mobile 0788 123 4567 would be permanently stored as +44 788 123 4567 in my  phonebook and this works even if you live in the UK as this number gets dialed as a UK number when in the UK.

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