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Most people who work in or around social media will have heard about the “Oreo moment” at this year’s Superbowl. To recap, the game was plunged into darkness for a full 33 minutes due to a power failure at the stadium, and the one brand that everyone remembers from this is Oreo thanks to the […]

I am starting a campaign to expose the simply lazy, and sometimes downright sneaky tricks that companies are playing to get their direct marketing material through your letterbox. Frankly, in 2013, and the age of big data and social media, to have a clean, window faced envelope dropped through my letterbox (with a big sign […]

I love this ad because it makes good use of the DEP (Digital Escalator Panel) format in that as you rise up the escalators (this was at Green Park coming up from the Victoria platforms), it shows a different person every few seconds. The video does not do justice to how well it looks. If […]

Here is a great ad from Telstra Bigpond (their internet arm) in 2006. Daniel: Dad, Why did they build the great wall of china? Father: To keep out the rabbits.. Only 30 seconds long – worth a watch. Proves that kids need the internet to research things that their Dads don’t know. My other all […]

I’m in New York this week, and on Monday I spoke at the Pivot conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. Walking past the hotel on Tuesday, I saw a very interesting experiential ad campaign – the Dr Dre people would take your photo in a booth right in the middle of […]

I’m so glad that in 2011 search engine technology has advanced so far…. I am not for sale. Is this the best we can do in 2011? If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may also like … To receive future posts you can subscribe via […]

I’m a big fan of outdoor advertising (hey I even used it to propose to my now wife in Sydney back in 2004 using 3 Vespa scooters towing signs each spelling out marry-me-Samantha and following her around Sydney during her morning walk to the harbour bridge). As recent visitors to the Royal wedding would have […]

Land Securities, owner of the iconic Piccadilly Circus advertising sign location reports that Sanyo will not be renewing their spot after having a sign at the current location since 1994. This is apparently the first time a sign slot has become available in 33 years. I have photographed the signs over the years, and you […]

John Wren, chief executive of Omnicom was quoted recently in the FT saying that the advertising group planned to introduce a technical education programme for all its 63,000 employees to teach them the ways of Google, Facebook and other online media. According the the FT, Omnicom is to accelerate its push into digital media and […]

Flashback to June 11th 2008 when I last blogged this…. Some of you may have noticed an orange raccoon at the bottom left hand of this and every page on the blog and wondered “what the….???”. It is part of the world’s first internet balloon race being held by UK mobile operator Orange to promote the availability […]

I am regularly introduced as a “social media expert” which is on one hand incredibly flattering, but on the other totally incorrect and inappropriate. When introduced as such before I speak at conferences around the world, I always stop and interrupt the conference chair and correct them. I am a practitioner I protest…I actually do […]

I just got my hands on the new Telegraph UK app and it’s a nice piece of work by Tigerspike, who were also responsible for the Australian iPad app (shown below). As regular readers would know, one of the primary reasons I invested in an iPad was to read newspapers. I actually already read the […]

Andy Favell, editor of mobiThinking from dotMobi has been in touch about a new guide to mobile advertising networks they have just launched. The guide profiles nine of the most important mobile ad networks giving publishers and advertisers an exclusive insight into who they are, what they do and what geographies they cover. Considering the […]

I have just had the good fortune to be sent a brilliant white paper from Acision and OgilvyOne, developed as part of their ongoing collaboration in the mobile advertising space. You can download the entire paper or view it on slideshare below.  For quick re-tweeting, use the short URL to access this blog post. […]

Yesterday in the Times Newspaper a great 16 page supplement from Raconteur Media was included on mobile marketing – with great quotes from a number of leading companies and figures from the UK mobile marketing scene – including a number of MMA members. You can download the PDF or browse the document online.  Either way – […]

I have been watching the Adfonic guys with interest since I met them in London prior to Mobile World Congress. I saw Paul and Wes last night at a function pre-launch and I asked them who they saw their major competitors were.  “Admob” was the answer.  I’m happy to give them some promotion below and […]

I picked up this article in New Media Age about Nick Hynes, who successfully founded the Search Works has started a new mobile agency called SOMO. According to the article, the agency is also being backed by ex-Overture CTO Carl Uminski and Simon Edelstyn, former director of syndication at Google. Somo, which currently employs nine staff, will […]

I picked up an interesting survey ahead of the UK Mobile Advertising conference to be held in June from James Cameron at Camerjam – full details below. Operators, brands and agencies all to blame, finds survey Over-cautious brands and advertising agencies are responsible for stalling the growth in the mobile advertising market, according to mobile […]

At the Mobile Advertising 2009 conference in Amsterdam last week, we were treated to an eye-opening presentation from Jens Klitzke, who is Head of International CRM Programs, at Volkswagen. Jens walked through an excellent case study surrounding the launch of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Basically, they built a “long lead” marketing campaign to promote the launch […]