Adfonic launches mobile ad marketplace to rival AdMob

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I have been watching the Adfonic guys with interest since I met them in London prior to Mobile World Congress.

I saw Paul and Wes last night at a function pre-launch and I asked them who they saw their major competitors were.  “Admob” was the answer.  I’m happy to give them some promotion below and enclose their launch release.  Competition is a good thing and I hope they do well.

LONDON, UK – July 1, 2009.  Launched today, advertisers and agencies can bid for advertising on mobile sites and apps, creating a new revenue stream for mobile publishers. Adfonic’s self-service global mobile advertising platform addresses the advertising community’s increased demands for more sophisticated mobile campaign management and maximises the earning potential for a new generation of mobile internet sites and applications worldwide.

With Adfonic, advertisers and publishers alike will benefit from the most advanced targeting capabilities in the market, detailed web-based real-time reporting and analytics, and an intuitive user experience.

“We are creating a transparent marketplace for advertisers to buy mobile inventory using an auction model which will keep costs low whilst protecting their brand. Mobile has the potential to be the most powerful channel in the marketing mix. Our goal is to turn that potential into reality,” says Victor Malachard, CEO of Adfonic.

Adfonic’s campaign management tools have been designed from the ground up to allow advertisers and agencies to connect with their desired audiences, with a wealth of targeting options including location, device, mobile operators, demographics and day-time parting. A Web 2.0-style “tag” approach further helps advertisers reach a contextually relevant set of publishers, who in turn benefit from increased earning potential.

The Adfonic platform will serve display advertising to mobile sites and applications at launch, and publishers and advertisers can create an account for free in minutes at The easy-to-use interface is designed for companies ranging from larger brands and established mobile destinations to bloggers and small developers seeking to monetise or drive traffic to their sites and iPhone applications.

The three co-founders of Adfonic – Victor Malachard, CEO; Wesley Biggs, CTO; and Paul Childs, CMO – collectively bring 40 years of mobile marketing, mobile technology and start-up experience to their roles. The company is founded on the principles of trust, openness, flexibility, innovation and continuous improvement: essential elements for the development of a vibrant mobile community.

About Adfonic

Adfonic is Europe’s first self-service mobile advertising marketplace. Founded in October 2008 by three mobile and marketing industry veterans, Adfonic is headquartered in London, with operations in France, Spain and USA. Adfonic offers comprehensive and intuitive capabilities that make it easy for advertisers to connect with their target audience and for publishers to maximise the earning potential of their mobile sites and applications. To learn more visit our website at

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