Google’s CEO thinks mobile advertising revenues will overtake desktop

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Over at MobiAd news, Jim Cook alerted me to an interview with Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt where he was recently interviewed on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Jim has a very good analysis of the interview so I won’t repeat it here, apart from this quote from Eric below:

“We can make more money in mobile than we do in the desktop eventually… and the reason is the mobile computer is more targeted. Think about it: you carry your phone, and your phone knows all about you… we can do a very, very targeted ad. Over time we will make more money from mobile advertising… not now, but over time.”

Eric is of course saying what other mobile advertising evangelists have been saying for a while now.

The other comment from Schmidt worth repeating is

“We don’t know how long it will take, but we know everybody’s moving from traditional (advertising) mechanisms to targeted and measurable ones, and online is where the measurable ones are.”

London Calling comment: At the moment many of the traditional players are seeing mobile as being “hard” to break into.  With a traditional media mindset this may be the case, but it is true that we do place impediments in the way for traditional agencies and advertisers.  [ Read my recent post the impedance effect of the mobile industry to see what I mean ].

One key change in the advertising industry with the introduction of mobile advertising will be the availability of rich performance metrics – something that mobile can do so well. 

Rather than waiting for the TV ratings to come out to see if my brand was exposed  to a target group, mobile will tell the advertiser in real time if they actually saw, consumed and possibly also responded to the ad – this is gold for a brand manager.

Jim’s post is online at MobiAd news and you can also read the full “unofficial transcript” of the interview on the CNBC website.

One other related post worth reading is The Davos Effect – Google CEO Eric Schmidt expects mobile to be big – is he right and what has to happen to prove him right? published here back in January.


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