Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland on mobile advertising/marketing

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Over on MobiAd, there is an excellent interview with Rory Sutherland who is Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman of OgilvyOne London as well as the Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK.

Among other things, Rory challenges the term “mobile advertising”.

He prefers the term mobile marketing. “I think advertising is an unhelpful word, particularly in relation to the mobile device, because people tend to think of unasked for content, appearing at an irrelevant moment, with no contextual relevance. And that’s not what the mobile should be used for.

One of the best quotes of the interview was “One big problem the advertising industry has with mobile is that in general the advertising industry has been run on a CPM basis, where it defines an audience by their size, not by their purity. So the industry doesn’t distinguish between a vast lump of rock that may contain some gold compared to a nugget of pure 23 carat gold.”

I would encourage you to read the full interview over at MobiAd.

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