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The urgent need for Digital Diversity on today’s boards

A version of this post first appeared on the ANZ BlueNotes blog, titled “How to get digital in your company’s DNA” on 17th August 2015. It has been updated and expanded below. [...]

@NewsCred Webinar: Harnessing Brand Advocates for Content

I was delighted to be asked to present a Webinar by Marcus Stoll at NewsCred this week, on a subject close to my heart, Brand Advocates. You can listen to the webcast below, along with the [...]

Another key hire as leading collaboration executive Andy Jankowski joins IBM

I am pleased to announce the latest member of IBM’s Social Consulting practice, Andy Jankowski. Andy has joined as our North American lead and brings with him a wealth of experience to the [...]

A look at how Australian Bank ANZ is creating their own quality content via @ANZ_BlueNotes

Disclaimer: The ANZ Bank is an IBM customer. The opinions in this blog post are my own and the interview with Paul was arranged directly with me rather than part of any IBM relationship. I’ve [...]

How Happy Employees make Happy Customers

Recently I presented to a group of 250 marketers at a London conference on “branded content”, one of the newest buzzwords in marketing.  All of the other speakers at the conference focused on how [...]

Internal collaboration expert Silvia Cambie joins @IBM Social Consulting

I am delighted to announce that Silvia Cambie joins IBM Social Consulting today. Silvia joins a growing team of global practitioners with deep experience and expertise in social business. Having [...]

@IBM and @Hootsuite Team to Advance Cloud, Social Integration #IBMHootsuite

This has just hit the wires (disclaimer, of course I work for IBM). Hootsuite migrates popular App Directory to IBM Cloud; Pair integrates respective university programs to advance social, cloud [...]

What happens when you invite influential bloggers to @Wimbledon?

For the last 2 years, I have been inviting key social media influencers to Wimbledon to tour the IBM behind-the-scenes operations. As many people know, since 1990, IBM has been the Technology [...]

#panelhack Fixing the “all male panel” problem at the Oi15 conference in Cardiff in real-time

The original post is below… On the same day as the UK Election (May 7th), I was honoured to be invited to present at the Online Influence conference in Cardiff. I presented a keynote in the [...]

From the Archives: WAP in 2000

This is my first post in a while, and the reason for this I will leave to an upcoming post. Over the Easter break, I found a video from 2000 that I took when back in Australia and working for [...]

Social Buying report from IDC says trusted networks improve the purchase experience

At the excellent LinkedIn London Sales Connect event in October 2014, where I delivered a keynote on social eminence, there was a presentation from IDC (sponsored by LinkedIn) on the results of a [...]

Is “Black Friday” sustainable in the UK? John Lewis CEO says “blessing in disguise”

Interesting that the CEO of UK upmarket retailer John Lewis, Andy Street seems to think that the “Black Friday” phenomenon, transferred from the US to the UK doesn’t really [...]

Digital Disruption – Short Fuse, Big Bang 2 years on

One of the reasons I decided to leave the exciting world of startups and join the world of business consulting was after reading a report in late 2012 from the Australian arm of Deloitte titled [...]

Why LinkedIn needs to allow invitation personalisation on their iPad app

I am a BIG fan of LinkedIn. I joined on February 27th 2004, so I am close to 11 years on the platform. I was also privileged to have been asked to keynote at their London Sales event in 2014 [...]

“Native Advertising” is a complete oxymoron – expect to see more in the future

The cartoon above from Tom Fishburne in 2013 perfectly sums up this blog post. In my list of some of the 170 blog posts currently in draft that I am hoping to finish over the Christmas break, [...]