Pitfalls to avoid when planning a mobile campaign

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I spotted a pingback to the Digital Lounge presentation post from the Neoco blog, with a nice summary of the presentation I gave last week in London – thanks guys!

On the post, they also mentioned a mobile campaign seen on the London underground with an SMS call to action.

According to the post it was an Action Aid poster within the carriage urging commuters to look up from their books, down their crosswords, and do something meaningful with their time on the train. 

The message was ‘act now’ – make a difference on impulse – do something worthwhile with this lost time on your commute.  It was the use of text message short code that made this message possible.  Potentially a great use of mobiles to get people engaged as soon as they see the advertising.

Problem is – the ad was on the Victoria line which is completely underground.  This is a good example of where traditional planning techniques were used with a new medium – mobile – with an interesting outcome.

One of the messages I hope the Digital Lounge audience took away was that mobile is a new medium with new and unique properties and benefits that we need to be fully aware of to really exploit.

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