Making the case for mobile advertising in a down economy

 In advertising

I came across an excellent summary on Media Post by Michael Weaver titled “Hunker Down Or Double Down? Making The Case for Mobile Advertising In A Down Economy

Michael makes the point

“Mobile advertising is comparatively cheap, highly dynamic (with everything from video and display to text and search options), global, easy to produce, and, most of all, more measurable than any other channel. The challenge is simply turning advertisers into believers.”

He also talks about the three “issues” with mobile – reach, complexity of delivery and measurement and he touches on how these will be solved.

In the final part of the article he says

“Right now, mobile advertising is cheaper to create, cheaper to buy, and cheaper to measure.  But the sad fact is, right now brands are backing away from anything “on the fringes” when the truth of the matter is, these circumstances are a potentially a great argument for getting involved in mobile right now. I am making the case to advertisers that they can show more real results for their dollar in mobile right now than in any other channel. The empirical evidence is there.  Time to double down.”

All very true – it’s up to us – every single one of us to make a difference and prove that mobile works not just in a downturn, but in every situation because of the massive reach, targeted delivery and measurability that you can ONLY get with a mobile.

Great article Michael.


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