BlogLoc: a simple where am I? for your blog

 In location

London Calling has a wide and varied audience, and sometimes on the comments section on individual posts we see some real gems.

Last week, Rainer Simon at BlogLoc left a comment on my Locatik service launch post about his own location service.

Curious to find out more, I headed over to to satisfy my curiosity.

Rainer told me by email that this is actually a part time exploit (he has a real job working for a Telco as a software designer).

BlogLoc has 2 parts – the java mobile client that you run on your GPS enabled mobile phone, and the web part which allows you to put a map, or a badge on your blog showing where you are.

It all works rather well and also has links to Fire Eagle and uses Google gears – providing auto location where available. This not bad for a part time project!

If you are interested in adding the ability to show blog visitors (or your loved ones etc) where you are, then head over to or on your mobile and try it out.

The site also provides code to produce a standard Google map with your current location for your site.

Rainer asked me to stress that the site is BETA – but from my experience is a very stable beta at that.

Some screenshots are also shown below, showing how the badge might look on your blog or website, as well as the mobile java client.



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