It is always a pleasure to spend some time with Bena Roberts from GoMo news, and I was able to have lunch with her last week during the MMA Event in London.  I also caught up with Richard Saggers who is the current MMA Chair for EMEA and is also the head of Mobile Advertising for Vodafone Group.

I have known Bena since last year, and we first met in person at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February where we shared a brief discussion about location based advertising. This time, I was able to get a better perspective of Bena’s involvement in the Mobile Advertising space (which is substantial), and also hear that she has conducted her own mobile search campaigns with ALL the mobile search providers, so she really does understand what works, and what provides a return to the advertiser.  When next you speak with Bena, I would encourage you to ask her about this (my guess as to which company provided the best return was way off), and she can also devise a campaign for you.

Bena is probably best known as the Chief Editor of GoMo News, providing a roundup of what’s happening and who’s who in the mobile advertising and content space. Her site is one of the few I subscribe to via RSS, and I would advise you to visit the site, sign up for the newsletter or grab the feed.

In her own words, her writing style is “edgy” and her perspective on what’s hot in the world of mobile (and what’s not) is both appreciated and welcome. Why not click over to right now and have a look!