Top posts and links for 2010

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It is always interesting at this time of the year to look back and see what your audience was interested in over the past 12 months.

Looking at the statistics for LondonCalling, we can see the top 10 posts for 2010 were

  1. First look at the new Vodafone Sure Signal

  2. Location Based Advertising – an introduction

  3. How to prevent your own “Eurostar moment”

  4. Foursquare and the opportunity for location based social media

  5. Branded applications will drive mobile advertising in 2010

  6. When social media meets mobile – a perfect match?

  7. Advertising in 2020 – a sneak peek from Ogilvy and Acision

  8. Daily Mail article on social media critical of companies that actively seek consumer feedback

  9. The future of newspapers could be the iPad

  10. Using your own branded short URLs part 1

Interestingly, our new URL shortening service (for sharing links on twitter) had 87,164 clicks for 1,294 links (an average of 67 clicks per link). The top links clicked on are listed below. Click on each of the links to see the individual link’s stats page as these numbers were calculated on 31st December 2010.

  1. [Tippex Brilliant YouTube video] 2135 clicks

  2. [20 people to follow in mobile] 1970 clicks

  3. [ page] 1967 clicks

  4. [Foursquare opportunity for LBS] 1106 clicks

  5. [contact Andrew] 1046 clicks

  6. [FedEx Social media study] 1008 clicks

  7. [getclicky analytics service] 1006 clicks

  8. [Glastonbury 2012 cancelled] 909 clicks

  9. [mobile youth eBook] 876 clicks

  10. [future of newspapers = iPad] 828 clicks

If you have read this far, it might be worth reviewing some of these if you weren’t one of our readers or followers who clicked on one of these links.

Happy 2011!


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