World’s first personalised children’s storybook iPhone app launched

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I received a note via LinkedIn from an old contact Theresa Mascarenhas about a new iPhone app she has developed for Children called “When I Grow Up (Vol.1)”.  It sounds like a great use for the iPhone platform so I thought I would promote it here.

When I Grow Up is the first personalized children’s storybook app that will let you embed photos of your child and their mother into the story — YOU are the characters!

Your child can decide what occupations they would like to have when they grow up, and then see what they will look like dressed up for these vocations (e.g. zookeeper, doctor, teacher etc.).

Your child can change their photo and the career they want to have at any time. You can even email your friends and family to show them what your child looks like in his or her chosen occupation!

You can download the storybook direct app from iTunes (this is the UK store link – search for “inspiring books” to ensure you get your local app store)

Theresa mentioned that is her intention is to create a “When I Grow Up” series and other ebooks, that inspire parents and children to be anything that they want to be, without any limit on how each of us express ourselves.

If you have children, why not give it a try?

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