3G Doctor wins the Nokia N97 via twitter pitch

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Last week, Janaina Pilomia from Forum Nokia who was kind enough to loan me a brand new Nokia N97 for blogging at the Mobile 2.0 Conference in Barcelona in June suggested that instead of returning the N97, I pass it on to someone in the Symbian developer community.

What better way to promote the offer and solicit worthy recipients than on twitter!  When I posted the offer on Monday, my blog also automatically sent an update to twitter.

The entries received via twitter and considered were


Branedy@AndrewGrill I could use the N97 to further build @querynet, @ideaforecasting or @fleetthoughts come see!

Ian Homer

ianhomer@AndrewGrill #lc – we’ll be showing how to easily deliver #wrt widgets @ our workshop @ #ota09. N97 would come in handy (or in pocket).

Ben Morris tweetin

benmtwt@andrewgrill #lc Janaina’s gift cld make zijit’s 1st wgt a wgz, homescreenified the Nokia way. Abt 1 week from demoable alpha on Smsng i8910.

Marko Brockman

markobrockman@andrewgrill I created a simple strategy game on S60 2nd, porting it to the 5th. Probably going to Ovi Store. http://twitpic.com/d0sxe #lc

David Doherty3gdoctor@andrewgrill I’m building an app for patients who have suffered a stoke. Requires a connected game environment + touch. N97 would be top #lc


buddycloud@andrewgrill N97 would help @incrediblepants develop our home screen widget for buddycloud. Screenshot: http://yfrog.com/endl8j #lc

SummeliSummeli@AndrewGrill #lc I need a N97 to make 5th edition version of my snes9x emulator port. See the concept at http://www.summeli.fi/?p=842

After careful review of  all the submissions, I have chosen to award the N97 to David Doherty of 3G Doctor – congratulations!

David also explained that he is “..building an application for patients who have suffered a stoke, and it requires a connected game environment + touch.  The N97 has the exact specification needed and we have developed on Symbian before.  The application would be used for monitoring patients who have suffered a stroke and would be helpful for medication compliance and aid feedback.”

Sounds like a great use for the N97 and so I am happy to name you the worthy winner.

David is now in touch with me, and even managed a blog post on his win.  The N97 will be on its way soon.

Thanks also to everyone else who put their submission forward, all were worthy winners and I wish you all success with your applications.

Thank you also to Nokia for providing the N97 for the developer community to use, and continuing to show their support for the developer community in a direct and meaningful way.

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