Carnival of the Mobilists 181 is at London Calling

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This week the carnival comes to you from a city that has just hosted one of the word’s most famous sporting carnivals – the Wimbledon championshipsLast time we hosted the Carnival, it was the G20 that focused the eyes of the world on dear old London.

As we all know by now, Roger Federer was again crowned the Men’s Champion (becoming the greatest winner of all time with 15 grand slam titles) after defeating Andy Roddick.

Now … on with the game.

In this week’s match, Volker Hirsch looks at the changing role of content aggregators in the face of app stores and the like.

Martin Sauter over at Wireless Moves has finally bought himself a netbook after resisting for some time.  His post looks at the <a href=”” ” target=”_blank”>initial experience with going “netbook” with the Acer Aspire One 250.

Barbara Ballard submitted a really interesting piece [and my post of the week] that promoted her thinking after she saw a Razorfish presentation on the differences between the internet and the mobile web.  As Barbara’s post suggests “the mobile experience should be appropriate to the mobile context. It might have fewer, more, or the same features. Let’s just make sure they are the right features whether they are on the desktop or not“.  I for one fully agree.

Tam Hanna talks about how Nokia’s recently-announced partnership with Intel has caused concern for quite a few key players in the industry: is Nokia planning to give up on S60? Read Tom’s post and see what he thinks.

Ajit Jaokar looks at a huge opportunity for Smart Grid, Telecoms and the Cloud but with big caveats for privacy.

And closing out the set, I’d like to submit my piece titled IBM serves up an ace @Wimbledon which looks at the 3 mobile applications IBM deployed at Wimbledon this year.  I was lucky enough to be invited into the grounds (and sit and watch the Men’s Doubles finals at Centre Court) and see these applications in action.

I was visiting Wimbledon to see how IBM are using twitter as part of a book I am writing on the use of twitter in a business context.

If you, your company or someone you know has an interesting business use of twitter, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me via the contact page.

Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Antoine at which will be the first carnival to hosted ON a mobile phone – should be interesting.

Have a great week in mobile.

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