Unilever testing mobile coupons and barcodes

 In retail

As reported in Mobile Marketer Magazine by Giselle Tsirulnik, Unilever have been looking at the effectiveness of mobile coupons.

Stephanie Kovner-Bryant, senior integrated marketing manager of Unilever was quoted in the article as saying

“The reason we wanted to test this it is it is an exciting technology for us. A big part of strategy has to do with providing consumers coupons and we want to be able to do that in whatever way is most convenient for the consumer.

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and providing coupons to a consumer’s handset is a breakthrough.

We are currently doing research to find out whether mobile coupons are allowing us to reach a younger demographic that isn’t really too big on clipping coupons from the paper.  However, we don’t have this demographic information as of yet.”

Good to see big brands like Unilever actively playing in this space.  Expect more brands to enter the mobile retail space soon.

Read the full article over at mobile marketing magazine.


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