Mobile Monday Amsterdam video on mobile advertising

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Shown below is the video of the talk delivered in Amsterdam to an enthusiastic audience of 400 people at Mobile Monday on 1st June 2009 titled:

“This time…it’s personal. How mobile challenges everything we thought we knew about advertising“.


From the website description…

“Andrew, a mobile advertising evangelist, talks about how mobile impacts advertising. Your mobile tells a whole lot about you, but the advertising industry has not yet tapped into the full potential. Andrew talks about the worlds most successful mobile marketing campaign, what is happening now and the importance of making campaigns measurable. He also shares some mobile secrets…”

I was introduced by Joseph Pine.

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Based in London, Practical Futurist and former Global Managing Partner at IBM, Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption, workplace of the future and new technologies such as blockchain. Andrew is a multiple TEDx and International Keynote Speaker.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Just watch and enjoyed the video. Nice one. But the video plays automatically on coming to the webpage, without waiting for permission (!).

    Do you know if allows this auto-play default to be turned off? I’ve put the post on the homepage of MarCom Professional, but might have to take it down if I can’t stop it from playing automatically.

    Cheers, Philip.