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While not exactly mobile related, I received this interesting piece of news that Getty Images has teamed up with Flickr.

According to the PR who sent me the details,  “Getty Images embarked on this partnership was to offer its clients the chance to purchase genuine, unexpected imagery which would otherwise be unable to be licensed”.

More information from the release below:

As of today we are launching some really cool and exciting new digital features for the Flickr Collection at to help people explore the thousands of amazing Flickr images available to license through Getty Images.

The Flickr Collection was launched back in March, which allows Flickr photographers to bring their imagery to Getty Images’ worldwide customer base. They in turn get the opportunity to license an untapped selection of fresh, authentic and locally relevant imagery.

The new features include an embeddable widget, Facebook app and screensaver which can be accessed from the  ‘Inspiring Downloads’ tab on the bottom left corner of and following the instructions.

Some of the new features include:

Flickr Clouds

Flickr Clouds enable customers to create little ‘packages’ of their favourite images based on a certain theme, photographer name or specific occasion. The Clouds can then be used as an inspirational tool or as a way of creatively presenting an idea or topic. It’s a great way to search, select and save images from the collection.

See an example cloud of images from around the UK


By downloading and embedding the Flickr Collection widget, using the embed code available at, you will be able to search the entire collection from your own blog or website and create Flickr Clouds, that can be seen by your readers, without having to navigate away.

Facebook Application

‘PictureMe’, will be available to all users of Facebook. This unique application brings a person’s Facebook status to life by visualising it through images from the Getty Images Flickr collection. Every time a Facebook status update is made, that user’s personal cloud of Flickr images will form accordingly, effectively visualising their thoughts in a highly original way.


People will also be able to draw inspiration and discover new imagery via a screensaver which will display the most popular images being searched for on the Getty Images Flickr Collection website.

You can browse my photos on Flickr also – it’s a fantastic site.  Why not also follow me on Twitter @andrewgrill


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