sneak peek at upcoming UK mobile advertising survey

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Ahead of the UK mobile advertising conference to be held in London on June 15, where the results of a groundbreaking survey on UK mobile advertising usage will be revealed – we have some interesting stats that have just been released below:

  • 64% of consumers would grant permission to receive mobile advertising if they are incentivised
  • FIVE advertisements per day is the most accepted by consumers
  • 52% of consumers don’t mind listening to a brand message while waiting for someone to pick up the phone
  • 54% of consumers would send an interesting offer they have received to  friends and family

The results from a poll asking “Why has mobile advertising been slow to grow?” have also been released:

  • 29% Cautious brands and agencies
  • 27% Advertising must change for mobile
  • 11% greedy operators
  • 11% other
  • 8% no one wants advertising on their mobile
  • 7% Agency commission structure
  • 6% technical challenges

To attend the conference, you can book online, and by using the discount code lcall09 London Calling readers can claim a discount and pay just £199 plus VAT– which is an excellent deal for a conference of this calibre.


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