Mobile web take up across Europe up 4% on last year says Forrester

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According to a report in New Media Age, mobile internet usage has grown by 4% in Europe.

According to the Forrester report, some 24% of Europeans regularly access the internet on their mobile phones.

The research found mobile internet use increased over the past year, from 20%, and found the growth in take up increased for consumers who owned smartphones.

Some 35% of iPhone owners and 30% of smartphone users regularly accessed the internet.

Forrester revealed cost perceptions and the lack of transparent and affordable mobile internet tariffs were key barriers in growth in take up. Regular mobile internet use increased to 60% of those who had both a smartphone and an unlimited data plan.

Thomas Husson, analyst at Forrester, said, “Apple is only the tip of the iceberg, as drivers are now in place for mass-market take up of the mobile internet in Europe. The expansion of internet brands, smarter phones, and high-speed networks are enabling compelling user experiences that, coupled with all-you-can-eat data plans, are driving usage.

“The mobile internet is gaining momentum, with 24% of European online users regularly accessing the internet from their mobile phones. A year ago, the percentage was only at 20%,” said Husson.

As I am seeing on my travels throughout Europe and Australia, mobile web adoption (driven by transparent pricing) will help drive mobile services, applications, widgets and also mobile advertising (sponsored information).

Companies such as Vodafone in the UK are making data pricing transparent and included in basic plans, and a good start has been made on data roaming, but more is yet to be done.  The key takeout from the Forrester research is those on unlimited plans are encouraged to explore the mobile internet – which can only be good for the industry as a whole.

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