Mippin upgrade fuses top web content with high-end mobile functionality

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I had a chat to the mippin guys yesterday about a new offering which they are releasing today – more below.

Mippin, the mobile content discovery service, today heralds a new era of interaction between published internet content on Mippin and the touch screen functionality of the iPhone and Android devices. With the first major upgrade to the service of 2009, Mippin launches a range of unique, innovative features throughout the Mippin site that seamlessly combine the tremendous potential of advanced mobile touch screens and the power of Mippin’s mobile service.

Mippin is a browser-based, mobile optimised service delivering a huge range of content sourced from across the internet through to a mobile site that is individually personalized using mobile 2.0 features that drives discovery of new and favourite content for each user. The new iPhone  and Android upgrade is the next step in Mippin’s commitment to provide the best experience for each phone and in turn further enhance content discovery. Accessing Mippin now on either an iPhone or Android device, users will find latest news stories incorporated into a front page carousel, instantly providing a unique and exciting way to reach the news and information that matters most to them. The carousel then gives way to the many Mippin features that now integrate directly with the superior iPhone / Android touchscreen interfaces to enable better navigation and access to personalised content.

“Mippin exists to make the discovery of content easier, accessible and more engaging than ever before,” said Mippin’s Director of Product Management, Jonathon Moore. “These top end phones provide new ways of enabling content discovery that will revolutionize how people interact with their favourite news, video, blogs and other internet content. Our touchscreen interface demonstrates the type of broad, immersive experience consumers can expect from their content on mobile phones. Mippin is now pushing the boundaries of this experience for high end mobile users even further. Why can’t users be as enthralled with their favourite web content on the move as they are on their PC?”

In addition, Mippin has also extended the overall range of content in its service to over 35 million stories, 50,000 sites, and 80 mobile optimised content channels. It is now the first place on mobile to provide a list of sites that range from ‘Healthy Eating’, ‘Interior Design’, ‘Green Parenting’, ‘Personal Blogs’ and ‘Advertising’, alongside more popular content channels such as News, Sport, TV, Music, Technology, Celebrities and more. As with the rest of the service, accessing Mippin’s content channels on an iPhone / Android device has been made even easier with the new “fused” functionality.

About Mippin
London-based Mippin is a free media service that uses Web 2.0 tools to make discovering, consuming and sharing web content on mobile phones painless. Quicker than going to traditional URLs and easier to use than mobile widgets, Mippin is laser-focused on delivering a compelling user experience on any mobile phone via the mobile browser, for free. Mippin also directly benefits bloggers and publishers by enabling them to effortlessly mobilise and distribute web content and benefits advertisers by enabling them to deliver targeted branding messages to mobile audiences. Mippin is funded by leading Venture Capital firm Accel Partners The firm is backed by Accel, where it joins many of today’s best known new technology brands, including Facebook, RealNetworks, WeeWorld, Brightcove and more. For more information visit www.mippin.com

For more information, contact:

Justin Baker
Marketing Manager
+ 44 (0) 7958 487842

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