Coming to London soon? Grab a Vodafone prepay 1GB modem pack for £39

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If you are coming to London (or the UK) for business or pleasure anytime soon, you may want to look at a new deal from Vodafone that provides 1GB of pre-paid mobile broadband AND a USB modem all for £39.

What makes this deal different is that the included 1GB of data has a long expiry time.  As per the T&Cs, as long as you use it once every 6 months, then it will remain active.  This is in contrast to other deals from companies such as Three that provide 1GB for £10 but this must be used in 30 days or it expires.

When you look at the cost of a USB modem, capable of speeds of up to 3.6MB/s on Vodafone UK for just £24 then your 1GB of data for an additional £15, it’s a pretty good deal.  The Vodafone network is also very reliable and fast.  I live in London and use their HSDPA network each and every day – and no longer need to use WiFi hotspots when I am out of the office.

Things to note – I have read elsewhere on Dean Bubley’s blog, this modem is not Mac compatible.  Also, to topup (which you can do with a voucher via the software supplied on the USB stick – nice touch) you can only do it in £15 increments.

When you look at what UK hotels charge for 24 hour WiFi access (£15 – £25) , or what Starbucks/T-Mobile charge for an hour of access at a coffee shop (£5), if you are visiting London or the UK for even a couple of days, this could save you a bundle.

Along with a prepay Oyster card, your trip to London is complete.

You can pick up the £39 TopUp and Go deal at Vodafone stores in the UK and you don’t need to be a local.  You can then take the USB modem and SIM card with you back home (note: it will not work outside the UK) and bring it with you next time knowing it is loaded with credit for your next trip.

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