The Future of Mobile is….

 In conference

I attended a fantastic Future of Mobile conference in London on Monday attended by well over 450 people at the Kensington Town Hall in London.

There have already been a number of write-ups of the event, but the most interesting one came from Alan Patrick who was not even at the event. He was following the 30 or so people such as myself at the event who were providing updates via twitter.  His review is based entirely on the #FOM channel twitter discussion.

You can also see some great shots from Rudy De Waele taken at the event as well as some of mine taken from the stage.

The day had a broad range of speakers and themes, including a great keynote from Rudy de Waele of M Trends, Doug Richard from Trutap, and Mathew Millar from Adobe.

There was also a panel session with David Wood from Symbian,  Olivier Bartholot from Purple Labs, Jason Langridge from Microsoft and Rich Miner from Google – all debating “what makes the smartphone smart”.

Two brilliant presentations were also given by Tomi Ahonen and Jonathan MacDonald that really made the room think.  Seeing these two together is a must for anyone in the mobile space.  I can’t wait to read Tomi’s new book – I should receive it this week.

One of the key innovations of the conference was a session with 6 UK bloggers (including myself) all with 6 minutes to talk about their view of the industry.  We heard great presentations from James WhatleyVero Pepperrell, Helen Keegan, Jemima Kiss and Ewan MacLeod on their pet subjects and issues.

What was interesting to me was the instant feedback received on each of the talks via the #FOM twitter feed – a selection of responses to my presentation is below.

ClaireBoo: #FOM Andrew Grill: Mobile Advertising 2.0: asking permission! (yeah – @j_mac will tell similar story later on…)

jonhurlock: #FOM “if you talked to people the way advertising talked to peopl, they’d punch you in the face.” Andrew Grill Slide

geirfreysson: #FoM “At London Calling … we call it like it is.” Hence the name.

geekyouup: #FOM – 6×6 Andrew Grill – ‘Ask don’t tell’ is no1 rule for mobile adverts

ClaireBoo: #FOM. OK, first starting with Andrew Grill, Mobile Advertising Evangelist. Aussie

geekyouup: #FOM – Andrew Grill used the worlds most successful mobile ad campaign to help propose, great stuff. Check is blog.

jamesbody: #fom – Andrew Grill’s Three ‘P’s – and the live video link-up with is N95 worked – good stuff!thomo:#fom Andrew Grill. Great talk The first time I’ve ever seen anyone use a mobile phone live whilst talking about mobile. Genius

justindavies: Just got to FoM, Andrew Grill just finished talking about mobile advertising

More on the conference can be found at Well done to Dominic Travers and the team at Carsonified for a great conference and thanks for the opportunity to speak. Here’s to FOM 2009.


Based in London, The Actionable Futurist and former Global Managing Partner at IBM, Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after presenter and comementator on issues around digital disruption, workplace of the future and new technologies such as blockchain. Andrew is a multiple TEDx and International Keynote Speaker.