Jonathan MacDonald Volume 2: No way back from here

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Yesterday in London, Jonathan MacDonald chaired an excellent day at the IIR mobile content conference in London – and also had a major announcement.

He mentioned that on the 8th December 2008 he will retire his existing presentation deck: – Volume 1: The Communication ideal.  On the 9th December 2008, he starts his new journey Vol 2. No Way Back From Here.

I have re-posted Jonathan’s explanation below – which can also be found on his blog.

On the 8th of December in Helsinki I will close the Communication Ideal Phase of the ‘Every Single One Of Us‘ movement. The deck is online, the book is on sale, the vision is out there.

I have presented and talked with thousands of people over the last 6 months and now is the time to build the road map of how we can move toward the vision.

One thing is for certain, there is no way back from here.

I predict that every single part of what the industry types call the ‘value chain’ will fundamentally change.

Why? Because never before had we dealt with media so deeply linked to the emotions of every single one of us.

Plus the actual ‘value chain’ looks like this:

  1. Every single one of us

  2. Everything else

We have been looking at things from the wrong way round.

Mobility devices are more than just media channels.

Mobility devices are totally and utterly unique to all other preceding media (see the master himself, Tomi Ahonen’s brilliant summation of this fact here – sources include the legendary Alan Moore, co-writer of Communities Dominate Brands).

So much so that I believe we can only approach this from a citizen perspective.

If we consider that the world we live in is more digital as each second passes, we should also consider how convenience drives the rise of mobility.

If we consider that the mobilized world requires a re-definition of advertising itself, we should also consider how to re-structure the media industry to act in accordance to the new environment.

Presently it does not. But that’s OK because we’re all in this together. Every single one of us.

We have a mission to accomplish. From the methodology of creating armies of fanatics through to the abolition of toleration, we need paths to follow. We collectively need guidance and a collaborative mentality.

There will be companies that succeed and companies that do not. If the people of the world win, then we all win. Because we are all people after-all.

Below is one of many comments that I have stored – all saying similar things.

Yes – we see the vision but how on earth do we get there?

THAT, is what we are doing next my friends and there is simply no way back from here.

Read more on – let’s join him for the journey – I am.

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