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Hello from Budapest where I am attending the Mobile Marketing Association mobile advertising forum this week.

Ahead of the conference 15 or so of had dinner in central Budapest tonight and debated among other things the state of the mobile advertising market.

For those of us not here, the next best thing is this week’s carnival of the mobilists at Xellular identity.

Among the mobile advertising post s this week you will find

Scott from Mippin Blog debunks two myths regarding the US mobile internet penetration and mobile advertising.

London Calling brings presents a summary from a recent mobile advertising roundtable and also addresses some of the reasons why mobile advertising has been slow to take off.

Igor Faletski from MobScure shares some very interesting measures of sent SMSs by location which provides very interesting insights about the possible triggers for sending messages.

Head over to Xellular identity for the best in mobile this week.


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