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Welcome to edition 146 of Carnival of the Mobilists.
It might be my birthday this week, but you get all the presents in terms of some fantastic posts from the world of mobile. This week, the carnival comes to you from London as the attention of the mobile world is focussed on Earls Court and Symbian’s annual Smartphone Show.

We start a jam packed carnival this week with an interesting post from Chetan Sharma on the 3G americas analyst summit in Dallas where the discussions were around LTE, future applications and services, infrastructure requirements, and femtocells.

Tsahi Levent-Levi weighs in with a post about What Makes Mobile Video Calls Quality Poor and How to Fix it. He explains that while mobile video telephony isn’t that good today in terms of quality, by changing the imaging on the handsets, this can be improved.

Rudy De Waele from mtrends has some tickets to give away for the Under the Radar mobility event to be held on November 12, 2008 in Mountain View, CA — for a showcase of cutting-edge mobile startups from around the globe including My6Sense (Israel), Bambuser (Norway), Soocial (Holland),and  Apisphere (USA).

Carnival regular Ajit Jaokar has provided us with a smashing post on Europe in a digital world and Web 3.0 – The European Union vision.  This is ahead of Ajit’s presentation at the European parliament in Brussels at EIF titled Towards the Digital World in 2025.

Gábor Török has a comprehensive summary about recent changes in mobile industry such as the introduction of App stores from Apple and Google’s upcoming Android Market.

Mark Hooft attended Handheld Learning 2008 in London last week and has shared his experiences with us over at Ubiquitous Thoughts. The meeting mostly focused on the idea that when we look at technology and education, we need to look at broad impacts, and look for example at health and/or social impacts.

My post of the week (and recipient of a birthday present) goes to Matt Radford looks at why the new Nokia 5800 is good news for the iPhone.  He explains how the iPhone will continue to sell well, but strong competition from Nokia and from Android phones will force Apple to continue to improve hardware and software features.

Haven’t overloaded on Google G-1 phone reviews yet? You’re in luck because Dennis Bournique over at wap review has a flood of Android G1 full reviews.  Better put on your boots.

Tom Godber has sent in his view on near field communications (NFC) from a recent Mobile Monday in London where the panel talked about NFC going mainstream in 2012. Tom suggests that a lot of new NFC handsets will be commissioned, designed, manufactured and shipped out in volume by the start of 2011, just over two years from now… so it is possible, but unlikely.

Elsewhere on this blog, you will find a review of the MoMo London event on NFC which also has some results from the O2 NFC trial held in London.

Steven Hoober chats about sound design over at little springs design – and in particular how our phone has become an ecosystem of beeps – SMS, flat battery etc all starting to drive us beeping mad! He suggests that when you next design or specify alerting tones, put some extra thought into it; consider not just the application, but the entire device, and the whole electronic ecosystem in which your user operates.

Over at GoldenSwamp, Judy Breck (The Queen of the Carnival) talks about Chetan Sharma’s new book titled  Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence.  The book has a forward from Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service, who is known for his ability to predict trends into the future. Anderson talks about moving the education sector from the backwaters of the internet world right up front with the most important.

I thoroughly enjoyed Chetan’s last book on Mobile Advertising – so this one should be a great read also.

Peggy Saltz has just published a very timely and informative whitepaper on mobile marketing called mobile marketing for newbies.  I downloaded it last week and read it cover to cover – and I encourage you to do the same.


Over at the mobile broadband blog, Ram Krishnan asks about 3G Routers – Will It Accelerate Fixed Broadband Replacement? Ram talks about how one of the missing elements in the mobile broadband puzzle has been a way for multiple members in a household or a small office/home office to share a mobile broadband connection in a simple plug-and-play fashion.

Next week the carnival will be hosted at Voip Survivor. As usual, please send your contributions to mobilists at gmail dot com. You can find out more about the carnival at

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