Mippin launches mobile Olympic Games channel

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The Olympic Games are a hot topic and people from all over the world want to catch up with the latest news about it. According to a recent release from Nielsen Mobile 31.3% of mobile video users and 17.2% of mobile internet users in the UK are likely to follow the Olympics on their cell phone this summer.

Mippin is launching today an Olympic news channel. It’s a free, easy and faster way to access all the news/videos about the Olympic games in the mobile phone, in just one place, and it works in any mobile device with internet access.

Currently Mippin Olympic channel has 30 sites categorized from all over the world, including BBC, CNN, AOL, Reuters, Yahoo, Google, NBC, etc, but there are more than 120 sites related with the Olympic Games and more to be included on a daily basis.

To use it go to www.mippin.com on your mobile phone and register, or if you are already registered, you have two options: you can either go to http://mippin.com/olympics or browse in the categories section on the home page.

By launching this channel Mippin presents itself one more time as a destination for information hungry people on the move, by bringing seamlessly together the broadest range of web content, in this specific case about the Olympic Games


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