Location and advertising – a match made in Heaven?

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 Navigation & Location 2008

Head over to Telematics Update where Osman Iqbal talks to Andrew Grill, former Head of Sales & Business Develpment for Seeker Wireless and Richard Lee of Creativity Software talk about what it will take for location-based advertising to go mainstream.

Andrew and Richard will be speaking at the Navigation and Location Europe 2008 conference in Amsterdam from June 4-5. 

Andrew will be presenting a session at 14:45 on day 2 in the business development stream on the following

Ensure you are best placed to profit from proximity-based advertising

  • Get the latest on developments in proximity based adverts and stakeholders with geo-local ad clients
  • Find out who you need to partner with to deliver geo-local ad campaigns.
  • What standards will need to be put in place for content providers, device manufacturers, back-end players and advertising campaigners to deploy local ads? What standards will need to be put in place?
  • Understand the best ways to build campaigns designed for different devices. How will geo-local ads vary from device to device?
  • Learn the importance of intelligent user profiling. Find out how best to target and disguise marketing messages
  • Discover the best ways to integrate geo-local ads into local search and city guides
  • Understand what is needed to overcome consumer hesitancy and learn how to avoid intrusion

Following his presentation, he will be moderating a panel session at 15:15

How to implement direct location aware advertising into applications

  • How to increase the inventory and make location-based advertising a profitable proposition
  • Discuss ways to increase the traffic on web applications to maximise the advertising space while retaining appeal and usability
  • Search is the Holy Grail of advertising revenue: Discover how to embed adverts into search to generate revenues from your application
  • Understand the technicalities of building campaigns designed for different devices. How will ads for a PND differ from ads for a mobile phone?
  • How to best prepare in order to get operator approval for Cell ID: Prove that traceability, verification, consent and reminders are embedded in your application
  • How to go through the proof of age regulation for friend finder apps that target teenagers

Panel members:


p class=”mainbody” style=”MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px”>James MacDonald, Head of Mobile, Unanimis
Ben Tatton-Brown, Head of Advertising, Medio Europe
Bryan Stockwell, Director of Business Development , Mobile Commerce

Rick Smith, Business Development Director, M-Spatial

Richard Lee, CEO, Creativity Software

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Based in London, Practical Futurist and former Global Managing Partner at IBM, Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption, workplace of the future and new technologies such as blockchain. Andrew is a multiple TEDx and International Keynote Speaker.