In another week in mobile where there has been much discussion about the iPhone, location, network openness and mobile social networking, we have featured some of the best submissions from our roll call of mobility thought leaders.  So on with this week’s carnival…

My personal post of the week comes from Jamie Wells who looks at the new iPhone Software Development Kit from the viewpoint of mobile publishers and advertisers and argues that Apple’s open stance is good news for the industry.

Over at Ajit Jaokar’s futuretext blog, our well respected contributor discusses the rise of “stupid” networks and how the treatment of networks as a “black box” may be the way to provide innovative new services.

Xen Mendelsohn looks at how things might be different if we had our own personal mobile TV channels – able to feature such personalised content as walking the dog, and how we would then need new ways of filtering content to find just what we’re after.

David Evans from the Catalyst Code discusses how the iPhone is catalyzing the mobile ecosystem and how Apple could be a catalyst for consumers, application developers, and content providers.

Over at Smartmobs, there is an interesting discussion about the social effects of online networking. Will doctors soon be writing out notes for “MySpace disease”?

Host of last week’s carnival, and author of new book “Mobile Advertising: Supercharge Your Brand in the Exploding Wireless Market “, Chetan Sharma provides us with some very interesting statistics on the US wireless market, and in particular stats on data, including some new iPhone numbers from AT&T.  Chetan – why are Wiley out of stock of your great book already – I want a copy!

Regular contributor and author Martin Sauter continues his love affair with his recently purchased Nokia N95 8GB (replacing his trusty N93 as his mobile blogging weapon of choice) and looks at how the Nokia SIP client has improved over the last 18 months.

John Puterbaugh’s blog Mobile 2.0 and Emerging Mobile Media Services has an interesting post titled Context is King – Part 1 which takes a close look at Nokia’s strategy in the online, context and mapping space.

Over at Mobile Opportunity, Michael Mace suggests that maybe it is possible to have too many developers on the back of news that 100,000 have downloaded the iPhone SDK

Over at WAP review, Denis looks at how the Sprint network decision to transcode mobile web pages has severely impacted the ability to detect the mobile handset types and deliver the right content.

Mark van ‘t Hooft over at ubiquitous thoughts looks at a report that highlights the changes in how people value their media access tools, and in particular their mobile.

Elsewhere on my site you will find a hot off the press review of the new Yahoo! location aware service called Fire Eagle.

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check out next week’s carnival that will be hosted at Situational Marketing.

Send in your entries to mobilists at gmail dot com.

Until then, have a great week in wireless.

Andrew Grill