For those familiar with twitter, which essentially tells you where your friends are and what they are doing, dopplr takes this concept into a business context and allows connected business travellers to share their travel plans – so you know where people are travelling to and from as well as where they are.

I think dopplr are one to watch, and I will be starting to use the service myself to see how useful it is – already I have found one of my friends from Australia who is using it so I have invited him to join my dopplr network so I know when he is travelling to London.

Perhaps in 2008 we will see a new phrase used extensively – “business networks” as opposed to “social networks”. has to be one of the pioneers of business networking.

Update: International media outlets such as Time are also switching on to the benefits of dopplr.  Time’s article Lets’s Do Lunch in London explains the concept well.


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