Dennis at WAP Review takes a look at mobile email WAP sites, and wonders why they don’t offer many of the same features as their desktop web versions.

Over at the Skydeck blog, Jason wonders if American consumers really care about open access.

Judy Breck, the current keeper of the Carnival tents, has a good post on the promise mobile geotagging holds for learning. In a similar vein, my iPhone gets its Mojo post talks about the iPhone’s new firmware, which includes location-tracking functionality, but without GPS.

MobHappy’s contribution this week comes from MobHappy’s Russell Buckley, who gave his latest update on the frustrating state of developing for Java ME.

Other entries this week come from Symbiano-Tek, Open Gardens, Mobile Point View, and WapSpap.

Like many other mobilists, I will again be at the Mobile World Congress (nee 3GSM) in Barcelona from February 11th – 14th.  Have a look at the range of great events happening at and around the Congress.  I hope to see you there!