Ajit Jaokar of Open Gardens asks us will P2P IMS applications take off or will there be only Web applications? Very interesting food for thought and some questions for you at the end of the post.

The M Generation

Starting up a new year, two bloggers focused on the M generation; Paul Ruppert from Mobile Point View analyzes today’s teens who “socialize from the confines of their bedrooms“. 

James Whatley from SMS Text News invites us to think about the children of tomorrow; they will probably ask: “Hey Ma, why didn’t you keep a blog?”

Howard Rheingold of SmartMobs reccomends on a forthcoming book by Rich Ling called “New Tech, New Ties”, and is “the best book so far about the social effects of the mobile phone, in the context of sociology and social capital theory (and is very well written, as well)”.

Mobile Web

Jim Durbin from Situational Marketing shares his thoughts about the mobile web and asks if it is a thing of the past.

Andrew Grill asks will the 3G mobile broadband “dongle” kill the WiFi hotspot market?

And on the same subject, Dean Bubley from Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless lists what needs to happen in order that 3G-embedded PCs might become popular.

Mobile Apps and Handsets

Dennis from the Wap Review took Yahoo! Go 3.0 and the revamped Yahoo mobile portal, both of which are completely widget based, for a test drive.

Raddedas from Techype has his own rants about Yahoo! Go 3.0.

Tarek Abu-Esber reviews the best phones of 2007… and his winner is….?

Vero Pepperrell from Taptology brings 8 recommendations of 8 great ways to show your mobile phone some love in 2008