I first met Peggy Anne Salz at a mobile search and discovery conference in London in March, 2007 and I have been following her Msearchgroove.com blog and business ever since. I believe the site has quickly become the central hub for all things around mobile search, mobile advertising + social media. I know it has attracted quite a following, and as a commercial venture, also attracts sponsored articles.

I was both flattered and excited when Peggy called me last week and asked me to be a guest contributor to the site.

She has announced my involvement in her post Talking About A (Google) Revolution: Location-Based Advertising Gets Ready For Prime-Time; But Can’t We Do Better? which picks up some of my themes around the post The Davos Effect – Google CEO Eric Schmidt expects mobile to be big – is he right and what has to happen to prove him right?

Peggy and I will also be at the invitation-only Wireless World Forum Mobile Search & Advertising Forum 2008 to be held in London on Monday 28th January.  Graham Brown and his team at the W2F have assembled an amazing mix of speakers from across the mobile advertising ecosystem and I am delighted to have been invited to the event.  I will post a brief report on the event later in the week, as I am sure Peggy will also.

I’ll be starting my guest column shortly, and I would encourage you to visit the site, and subscribe to the feed to ensure you don’t miss any of her posts. I look forward to contributing to the debate around mobile search and mobile advertising.  I firmly believe that 2008 is the year for this segment of the mobile industry.