In thinking about this from a usability point of view, it seems easier to type into a numeric keypad than

Interestingly Microsoft have to access email on a mobile but no equivalent site.

From a cost point of view, it is much easier to add a “m.” subdomain to an existing website (just another folder and a couple of clicks on the DNS entries) than registering (and paying for) a new .mobi domain.

I’m a strong supporter of the .mobi concept, but at around £30+ VAT for 2 years registration for a .mobi vs free for a m. subdomain I wonder if m. may win in the end for mobile enabled sites.  The decider may be consumers who primarily access the mobile internet from a device with a numeric keypad (multiple key presses to enter a URL) and they may more readily remember the “m.” version of their favourite website when using their mobile.

I’ve hedged my bets and I am using both m. and .mobi on my website, but I wondered what others thought and what the general trend has been for mobile enabled sites.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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