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I’ve been wondering why lately I have been receiving additional emails from Twitter – mostly about things I am not interested in. Turns out Twitter are the latest culprits who “pre-tick” marketing preference boxes – see below I’m just not sure why Twitter feels the need to pre-tick this stuff – why not send out […]

A recent scoop from Tim Bradshaw (@tim) at the Financial Times during #canneslions last week pointed to Twitter taking a bolder stance with advertising on the 5 year old micro blogging site. Quoting from Tim’s article According to three people familiar with the situation, Twitter’s plans under consideration would see “promoted tweets” appear in their […]

It is encouraging to see a number of public utilities starting to embrace the use of twitter to report outages and faults. Recently I blogged on the use of SMS to report faulty traffic lights in London. Over the past few days I have again chalked up another social media success story, with twitter winning […]

A trick I have been using with my large corporate clients who are nervous about unleashing their teams onto twitter for customer service is to setup a safe training environment using Yammer . Yammer is essentially a corporate version of twitter, which is completely private as you need to log in with your corporate email address […]

Both Lucy Kellaway (whom I have never met but would like to) and Jonathan Salem Baskin (with whom I shared an enjoyable dinner in London a few months ago) have written excellent pieces on the use of twitter for customer service. I also wrote a piece about this 12 months ago. Jonathan talks in his […]

Please feel free to retweet this via The lovely Janaina Pilomia from Forum Nokia was kind enough to loan me a brand new Nokia N97 for blogging at the Mobile 2.0 Conference in Barcelona in June. The device was put to good use, and is now looking for a new home.  Nokia are prepared […]

On Saturday 4th July, I visited the Wimbledon Championships as a guest of IBM, in relation to a book I am writing on the business use of twitter (more on this in an upcoming post). IBM, in conjunction with their advertising Agency Ogilvy has served up three brilliant applications for the 2009 Wimbledon Championships. You […]

I picked up an interesting story in the Sydney Morning Herald as I was on the plane back to London explaining the origins of the “fail whale” picture that greets twitter users when twitter is over capacity. Apparently the artwork was designed some years ago by Sydney designer Yiying Lu, and is titled “lifting up […]

I picked up a well written, if not quite cynical piece from Richard Glover in the Sydney Morning Herald about this new “twitter fad”. His subject was “You could bring back the hula hoop if you found a way of connecting it to the net ” In the piece, Richard suggests “Twitter is a social […]

If  you use twitter, and aren’t using TweetDeck – what’s wrong with you! While I was at Tuttle in London on Friday, I wasn’t there long enough to catch up with TweetDeck guru, Iain Dodsworth. Lucky for us though,  our man inside - Christian Payne (@documentally) was there and he recorded this short interview below. Talking With […]