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Humans still crave recognition

A number of people woke to the news this morning that they were in the top 1% of Kred influencers either globally or in a particular community. I know this because I was responsible for an email [...]

Finding influencers for your next event

As some of you may know, I am hosting an event in New York on the 6th February for Kred, the company I am CEO of. The event is an opportunity to bring together key influencers in the New York [...]

Kred partners with to showcase social influence

This is  cool! See my page with Kred Story inside at – you can add your own as well! Kred Story app displays social media influence and interactions on [...]

Chris Voss Chats to Andrew Grill about Kred story

Chris Voss from the Chris Voss show spoke to me earlier about Kred Story. The 45 minute Google Hangout is available below The original post can be found at If you enjoyed this blog [...]

New version of Kred launches – Kred Story a rich visual stream for exploring social media influence

So excited to be launching the new version of Kred – a very visual way of looking at influence.  Thanks so much to the hard work from the entire Kred team – this is a milestone [...]

Employers need to understand the dangers of influence score myopia

Last week Neville Hobson (@jangles) posted an article titled Influence rank: the shape of recruitment to come Neville asked me to comment from my perspective as (now former) CEO of Kred, and as [...]

Forbes Ranks World’s Billionaires; Who Has The Most Kred?

Forbes publishes an annual roundup of the world’s billionaires, a group that clearly carries a lot of influence from their wallets and important positions at large corporations. But what [...]

Top Influencers Rave About Kred for CRM™

Since we launched Kred for CRM™ last week, we have received an amazing response from top CRM influencers. We know this because we use Kred for CRM to find posts by influential people on social [...]

Kred Rewards debuts internationally with five strategic partners – matching influencers to key brands

Offering a transparent social media platform to target influential people and their followers Launches with Brands Including SOL REPUBLIC, popchips, AVG Technologies, .CO Internet and Zinio [...]

Top 50 British Brands list in marketing week now with added Kred

Jeremy Waite, one of our London based Kred leaders and Head of Social Strategy at leading agency TBD Digital has taken the Marketing Week “Top 100 British Brands” and riffed the theme [...]

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