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Drum Digital Roundtable says c-suite is paralysed with fear

The c-suite is paralysed with fear, finds new report on digital transformation from the Drum

The two tribes every organisation needs to survive digital disruption

Every organisation has two "tribes" - those "Born-Digital" and those "Going-Digital”. You need both for your organisation to survive in the age of digital disruption.

From Cairo to Chicago Digital Disruption is impacting the workplace of the future

Disruption is affecting businesses everywhere. This week in Cairo I presented to 400 delegates at the MSA University Organisational Development & Leadership conference.

Amazon doesn’t just compete – it disrupts

When Amazon wanted to enter the online shopping market, Amazon had the 3 ingredients it already needed: 1. The internet to connect consumers to their servers 2. A transportation system - [...]

Amazon now offer “in-home” delivery with Amazon Key

Amazon now offers "Amazon Key" which offers "in-home" delivery. With an Amazon enabled smartlock and internet camera you can have deliveries and trusted services (eg cleaners) access your home.

Will the “Uber effect” kill innovation?

On Thursday, the Financial Times reported that "the Uber effect" is impacting new entrants in the ride-sharing business in London.

Disrupting the Insurance Industry – shiny apps or data ownership?

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Almost $1 in every $10 spent on Uber is for food rather than car journeys

Data uncovered by the Financial Times shows that almost $1 in every $10 spent on Uber is for food rather than car journeys. This is an interesting stat and shows that they have started to diversify.

Who is looking at your firm through a digital lens?

The more I speak from the stage about disruption, the more I realise companies are challenged about exactly where to start.

Dive-in Festival Replay

Watch my 15-minute #TED style talk from the Dive In Festival yesterday hosted by Aviva in London where I spoke about the future skills required for the insurance industry

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