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2017 has been all about disruption – here is my year in review

2017 has been a huge year for me in terms of public speaking. One constant though has been the need for change. I’ve spoken to large audiences around disruption, and new technologies such [...]

Don’t get caught in the Bitcoin bubble. Blockchain will drive business transformation into 2018

News today that the UK Government is set to regulate the use of bitcoin to reduce the impact of money laundering means that this new technology is firmly in the news, along with the rapid rise to [...]

Do you innovate or regulate to ensure companies stay ahead?

True innovation beats regulation any day. I am concerned though that for large organisations they only innovate because they have been regulated to do so - the best example being GDPR and the [...]

With the rise of delivery services such as Just Eat has the sit-down restaurant had its day?

Delivery services such as Deliver and Just Eat seem to be on an ever-increasing growth trajectory, at least here in London. At the local cafe I frequent on Saturday mornings to catch up on the [...]

The property industry needs radical disruption – introducing No Agent Needed

Introducing the UK's First Peer To Peer Property Portal - No Agent Needed. The platform that will allow you to sell or rent without the need for an agent.

Governments urgently need to appoint a Digital Minister to be fit for the future

The Prime Minister needs to urgently find and promote a Digital Minister. Not someone who has been in the Government for years who needs a “turn” at something new, it needs radical thinking.

Drum Digital Roundtable says c-suite is paralysed with fear

The c-suite is paralysed with fear, finds new report on digital transformation from the Drum

The two tribes every organisation needs to survive digital disruption

Every organisation has two "tribes" - those "Born-Digital" and those "Going-Digital”. You need both for your organisation to survive in the age of digital disruption.

From Cairo to Chicago Digital Disruption is impacting the workplace of the future

Disruption is affecting businesses everywhere. This week in Cairo I presented to 400 delegates at the MSA University Organisational Development & Leadership conference.

Amazon doesn’t just compete – it disrupts

When Amazon wanted to enter the online shopping market, Amazon had the 3 ingredients it already needed: 1. The internet to connect consumers to their servers 2. A transportation system - [...]