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A small revolution happened on 13 January in the UK retail banking market

Open Banking in the UK will help to give consumers control of their own financial data in the one place and stimulate better competition between retail banks.

Do you know who’s connected to your computer right now and where they are located?

Most computer users are oblivious to the fact that at any one time, your PC is connected to dozens of servers and companies around the world.

Solving the electric car on-street charging problem

Expect to see more electric vehicles plugged into standard street lights to charge them in the coming months, thanks to a trial happening in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

2018 is the year regulated disruption takes hold – are you ready?

This year, three pieces of critical regulation come into place. For some firms, they are seeing these changes as a giant hassle. For others, they are seeing this as a huge opportunity and a pivot [...]

Standoff over Aussie broadband problem solved by police negotiators

One frustrated NBN user, Matt Dooley decided to stage a “sit-in” at is local Telstra store, frustrated that for the last 4 months Telstra had ignored the problems he had experienced with his [...]

So I bought some Bitcoin – and you should too

I bought £20 worth of Bitcoin and £20 worth of Etherum on Friday 22nd December via coinbase, the day that the price of many cryptocurrencies “crashed” from a high of around $19,000 the pervious [...]