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Staying relevant in a digital world

In-between consulting to boards of large companies on the need for digital transformation, I’ve developed a side career as a professional public speaker. This year, talks have taken me to Tehran, [...]

Are you giving back or merely writing about how you might?

On a daily basis, I read on LinkedIn near Herculean career transformations, and many lessons learned ... but why keep it just to LinkedIn?

The Australian Stock Exchange is betting on blockchain for their new clearing house platform

In the middle of what can only be called a Bitcoin bubble, news that the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is replacing their Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) with distributed [...]

Let technology into your home but don’t let it rule your life

My article yesterday about "Parcel Pirates" proved to be very popular. I mentioned that Amazon has developed Amazon Key to combat parcel theft, and finally I’ve found a review from someone who [...]

Parcel Pirates are becoming a problem for Amazon – who is your pirate?

In the list of first world problems, a man who threw away his computer which held 7,500 Bitcoins is right up there, as is “parcel theft”. Now that we are having goods delivered form companies [...]

2017 has been all about disruption – here is my year in review

2017 has been a huge year for me in terms of public speaking. One constant though has been the need for change. I’ve spoken to large audiences around disruption, and new technologies such [...]

Don’t get caught in the Bitcoin bubble. Blockchain will drive business transformation into 2018

News today that the UK Government is set to regulate the use of bitcoin to reduce the impact of money laundering means that this new technology is firmly in the news, along with the rapid rise to [...]

The secret for writing for B2B audiences – great content resonates

What defines great B2B content? I have been having this discussion with a number of people over the last few weeks and the answers have varied greatly.