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You need to treat your data as you would treat your own money

It seems like every second story I read is about a company being hacked. In this disruptive world, we now need to assume we ARE going to be hacked and take steps to prevent it happening.

Are you hiding behind your LinkedIn profile? Real networking is hard

Real networking isn’t about how many connections you have on LinkedIn or how many “likes” you get on your articles. Real networking tales real effort and exposes you to places outside your [...]

Do you innovate or regulate to ensure companies stay ahead?

True innovation beats regulation any day. I am concerned though that for large organisations they only innovate because they have been regulated to do so - the best example being GDPR and the [...]

With the rise of delivery services such as Just Eat has the sit-down restaurant had its day?

Delivery services such as Deliver and Just Eat seem to be on an ever-increasing growth trajectory, at least here in London. At the local cafe I frequent on Saturday mornings to catch up on the [...]

The property industry needs radical disruption – introducing No Agent Needed

Introducing the UK's First Peer To Peer Property Portal - No Agent Needed. The platform that will allow you to sell or rent without the need for an agent.

Are you holding effective meetings?

Are you holding effective meetings? Would they go faster if you removed all the chairs? Queen Victoria famously held her household staff meetings standing up to ensure they would be more [...]

Governments urgently need to appoint a Digital Minister to be fit for the future

The Prime Minister needs to urgently find and promote a Digital Minister. Not someone who has been in the Government for years who needs a “turn” at something new, it needs radical thinking.

UK Chancellor sees Britain 2.0 led by technology post-brexit

Philip Hammond got himself in a tangle on the Sunday news shows by suggesting that “there are no unemployed people” as a result of technological changes. While the gaffe was avoidable, and his [...]

If you want to lead your industry with digital transformation get the regulators onside early

If you want to be a market leader when it comes to disruption, you also need to have the regulators onside. In any regulated market, you want to be influencing the change, not responding to [...]

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Never underestimate the power of rehearsal. If you are about to deliver a major keynote, a team update or a 1:1 meeting with your boss, rehearsal can be your secret weapon.

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