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If you want to lead your industry with digital transformation get the regulators onside early

If you want to be a market leader when it comes to disruption, you also need to have the regulators onside. In any regulated market, you want to be influencing the change, not responding to [...]

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Never underestimate the power of rehearsal. If you are about to deliver a major keynote, a team update or a 1:1 meeting with your boss, rehearsal can be your secret weapon.

Drum Digital Roundtable says c-suite is paralysed with fear

The c-suite is paralysed with fear, finds new report on digital transformation from the Drum

Are you ready for the Gig economy?

When we hear the "Gig Economy" mentioned, many of us think of companies like Deliveroo and Uber. The future of work will involve "Gig" economy workers in much more profound ways.

RIP Influencer Marketing, welcome Influencer 2.0

The concept of an influencer and the industry that has grown up around influencer measurement and marketing has come a long way since 2011 when I was running influencer platform Kred. I fear [...]

Advertising can be fixed – it needs a radical rethink beyond interruption

My GDPR + AI post last week talking about how soon bots may take over watching ads for us was very popular. GDPR is the movement, AI is the enabler.

The “Screen Free Café”

I’ve just come across a “Screen Free Café” in Kensington, London which asks for “no laptops, ipads or similar devices please”. They encourage “reading, daydreaming and chit-chatting”. Wonder [...]

GDPR presents a huge opportunity for companies and individuals – outsourcing ads to robots

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes effect in the EU in May 2018 is seen by many companies as a huge hassle. I see it differently. I see GDPR as a huge opportunity for both [...]

The two tribes every organisation needs to survive digital disruption

Every organisation has two "tribes" - those "Born-Digital" and those "Going-Digital”. You need both for your organisation to survive in the age of digital disruption.

If you write regularly on LinkedIn then you need web-based grammar checker Grammarly

Do you post LinkedIn updates on a regular basis? Do you tweet on a daily basis? Do you wonder if your posts contain niggling grammatical errors that stand out? I came across Grammarly a few [...]

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