What’s next for Influencer Marketing?

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While almost no-one mentions their Kred/Klout score anymore, brands are still paying huge sums to Influencers/Creators in order to cut through the marketing noise.

One influencer marketplace I’ve been watching closely is Aussie outfit Tribe, founded by radio personality Jules Lund.

Jules thinks I’ve been giving him a hard time on Twitter, and rightly so because I want to see the influencer industry mature and be authentic.

Last night I went to a session at WeWork Waterhouse Square in London.

I went in a skeptic and came out with a real respect for what Jules and the team are doing.

After hearing about how he is tackling the issue of fake influencers &  followers & the fact that their marketplace doesn’t just pay any influencer, as the creator needs to produce content (just in the same way photographers produce stock photos) that brands are willing to pay for.

Tribe is worth a look – if you are a brand this may be a more authentic and professional way to get involved with influencers rather than paying $$$ and hoping you get some sales.

Take a look at https://dgital.link/tribe

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