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From Cairo to Chicago Digital Disruption is impacting the workplace of the future

Disruption is affecting businesses everywhere. This week in Cairo I presented to 400 delegates at the MSA University Organisational Development & Leadership conference.

The Global Road Warrior’s new BFF – the Uni-Fi Global 4G device

As “The Practical Futurist”, I travel internationally on a very regular basis delivering keynotes and consulting advice to companies around the world, from San Francisco to Cairo, from Melbourne [...]

Are we just renting our employee’s brand for the time they’re with us?

In the days of social media, and with companies now realising the value of employees as advocates, is it now that we’re now just renting our employee’s brand for the duration of their stay with [...]

Why you need to film videos in landscape mode not portrait mode

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Powerful ad from Burger King helps highlight the problem with bullies

This powerful ad from Burger King Corporation (yes!) needs to be watched and shared widely.

Amazon doesn’t just compete – it disrupts

When Amazon wanted to enter the online shopping market, Amazon had the 3 ingredients it already needed: 1. The internet to connect consumers to their servers 2. A transportation system - [...]

What Managers Need to Know About Slack, Yammer, and Chatter

What Managers Need to Know About Slack, Yammer, and Chatter. Many companies have started to realise that a collaborative workforce is more productive and can deliver significant efficiencies. A [...]

Amazon now offer “in-home” delivery with Amazon Key

Amazon now offers "Amazon Key" which offers "in-home" delivery. With an Amazon enabled smartlock and internet camera you can have deliveries and trusted services (eg cleaners) access your home.

How the Australian National Broadband Network is creating a digital divide in major cities

Technology choices are now impacting where people live even in advanced countries like Australia, where they are in the middle of a rollout of the “National Broadband Network” (NBN).

Recruitment platforms are taking away recruitment jobs

Forget Robots taking your job, in some industries such as recruitment they don’t exist anymore - now replaced by recruitment platforms.

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