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Dealing with negative feedback on social media – case study

Any business must learn to deal with negative feedback. It is a fact of life that just as not everyone may like you as a person, people may not like your brand or product for one reason or [...]

Humans still crave recognition

A number of people woke to the news this morning that they were in the top 1% of Kred influencers either globally or in a particular community. I know this because I was responsible for an email [...]

Building Digital Maturity – your company’s Digital DNA

Over the past several posts I have been looking at the excellent Capgemini report on digital leaders. To understand this post, you may need a quick refresher on the four types of digital [...]

Finding influencers for your next event

As some of you may know, I am hosting an event in New York on the 6th February for Kred, the company I am CEO of. The event is an opportunity to bring together key influencers in the New York [...]

Mobile operators are starting to respond to social feedback

Over the last week, two large operators – one in Australia and one in the UK have changed data price plans as a result of strong feedback on social networks. This is a pleasing trend, a [...]

Which industries are the most digital? How the digital leaders are already winning the digital race

Following on from my earlier post about the Capgemini report: The digital advantage: How digital leaders outperform their peers, in this follow-up post I am going to look at their analysis of [...]

The digital advantage: How digital leaders outperform their peers – Capgemini report

I’ve just finished reading an excellent report form MIT Sloan and Capgemini looking at how firms that “get digital” are massively outperforming their peers. The report, titled [...]

The ROI of social media – are we looking in the wrong place?

I was on a very interesting briefing call last night with Frost and Sullivan. They are putting together some research around social media listening tools as part of an annual study on the [...]

HMV and Jessops demise point to fundamental changes as #digitaldisruption takes hold

With the news that the UK’s largest music retailer HMV is to go into administration, hot on the heels of photography retailer Jessops, the stark reality is that digital disruption is [...]

Digital Disruption hits AMEX – forced to cut 5,400 jobs

I read an interesting article on the BBC website this morning that says American Express is to cut 5,400 jobs – mainly in their travel business. The line in the article that stuck out for [...]

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