So I just joined – feels like 2007 all over again

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Way back in May 2007, I joined Twitter.  Back then I had no idea what I would be doing with/on this new network, but as an early adopter decided to give it a go.

I was also an early adopter on LinkedIn, joining in 2004 and I’ve had a website since 1994.

In short, I like to be the first to try new things.

So I’ve signed up to – you can follow me via

Upon signing up, those who I first met in 2007 were there also – @documentally, @ilicco, @edent, @janole – the usual crowd of early adopters.

Let’s see where this new network goes.

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Based in London, Practical Futurist and former Global Managing Partner at IBM, Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption, workplace of the future and new technologies such as blockchain. Andrew is a multiple TEDx and International Keynote Speaker.

  • So I just joined – feels like 2007 all over again

  • London Calling » So I just joined – feels like 2007 all over again

  • London Calling: So I just joined – feels like 2007 all over again: Way back in May 2007, I j…

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  • 2007? Early adopting Twitter? Pshaw. Some of us were happily ensconced there back in 2006… 😉 does look promising, although I haven’t played much with it yet. I am wary of the technorati’s constant desire to recreate the feeling of being at the beginning of something, though, before the noise and “the hoi polloi” arrive. When something is established and runs at scale is often when the great work can be done.

  • ok so were you sending email back in 1981? Did you have a website in 1994? 😉 we’re all early adopters my friend.

  • I was 10 in 1981. I was playing The Hobbit on a ZX81 and had probably never heard of e-mail… 😉

    My first website would have been around 1995, so I was a bit closer on that one.

  • Started in 1980 with a ZX80, upgraded after that to a ZX81 (with Thermal printer and 16K expansion pack!) then Commodore 64 with a 300bps modem when I started on email via the Angle Park Computing Centre Nexus BBS in Adelaide in 1981 – ahh they were the days!

  • Patch

    Came to your blog because of this :

    and I was clicking about and saw your post about, which I duly went and signed up to only to notice that it had a preticked box to receive spam.

    I was wondering when you were going to follow through on your threat to stop using systems that pretick marketing spam boxes 😉

  • yes well spotted – I have stopped/refused to use some services that pre-tick the spam box but not all.