Reputation Online Live: Navigating the online monitoring jungle 9th July in London

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This coming Friday, 9th July 2010 Reputation Online will be hosting an event at the London Hesperia hotel in Victoria titled “Navigating the online monitoring jungle“.

Having recently presented to an agency who said they had “shortlisted” 12 other monitoring companies, I know that this will be of great interest to those who want to start on the journey of Listen > Learn > Engage > Integrate.

It really isn’t a jungle once you know the right questions to ask to tell if your potential supplier is really up to the task or they offer not much more than the “free tools” everyone likes talking about.

I’ll be joined by Charlie Osmond (@cosmond) from Fresh Networks and Giles Palmer (@joodoo9) from Brandwatch.

The price is just £100 for the five sessions and interactive panel so I’d encourage you to have a look at the program and come along.

From the Reputation Online blurb

The ‘listening’ part of online engagement and social media features heavily in almost every presentation and strategy worth its salt. From international brands to small businesses, keeping track of what people are saying about you on the web is key to being able to leverage its potential to talk to customers, as well as fix problems.

But we, like most media and marketing blogs, have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by monitoring services of late.

We’ve got several trials on the go, and have met with some great and not so good providers. It’s our job to help work out which companies are doing it well and which aren’t, so we’ve decided to spend a morning sharing some our insights with you.

It’s a crowded space (from the outside at least), what the best thing to do? Are Google alerts and Tweetdeck enough, or do you need something more substantial? What makes a good service? How can you tell if you’re paying too much, or should be using the data in a specific way?

Our next Reputation Online Live, which is next Friday (July 9th) will answer these questions, as well as look at the ever-changing landscape of this industry.

Cost is just £100 for the five sessions and interactive panel below, and will be held once again at the London Hesperia hotel in Victoria.

To book your place or for further details, email or click here.

Chairperson: Vikki Chowney, editor, Reputation Online



Introduction: Online monitoring 101, what is it, why do you need it and what can it do?
Andrew Grill, UK Head of Business Development at Visible Technologies.

The best services out there – how do they compare? – Charlie Osmond, Strategy Director, FreshNetworks.

Pricing: What exactly are you paying for and what should you be expecting?

Coffee break

A brand-led case study based on its work in the monitoring space

What’s the potential for PR to leverage monitoring to strengthen client relationships?
Giles Palmer, founder and CEO of Brandwatch.

Panel discussion on the future of the online monitoring space featuring all speakers.

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