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Busy day here in Amsterdam at the Mobile Advertising 2009 conference, with my friend Jonathan MacDonald chairing – I’m up tomorrow.

Today there has been a lot of noise and discussion in the press about the changes at Blyk and in Jonathan’s post “Blyk Is Not Closing: The Facts As Of 13th May 2009 “ he sets out the facts.

The official line from Blyk is below (via Jonathan)

Blyk is expanding, not closing shop… Blyk is looking to evolve its UK operation in line with a global strategy of partnering with operators. We already have an operator relationship in the UK with Orange and we are discussing the next stage for Blyk as an operation and the next stage for Blyk members.

Blyk sees its members as its core asset. It is in Blyk’s interest to look out for its members. In turn, this will allow Blyk to create a global community which delivers personal value for each member.

This change is part and parcel of Blyk’s journey. The MVNO model acts as proof of concept – Blyk needed to build the mobile media model from the ground up with end-to-end control of the network and complete control of the customer/ user experience. This has created a unique competence within Blyk.

As hoped, Blyk’s success in the UK has driven high interest from operators. Partnering enables the Blyk media to gain faster scale globally (in audience) and this is game changing from an advertising perspective.

As someone who was at Blyk from the beginning, I urge you to read his post on the subject to get a better perspective on their plans and what is happening.

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