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Managed exchange from Webcentral

Webcentral (where is hosted) provide an amazing managed exchange email package, allowing you to have the power of an exchange email platform without any hardware costs. Emails [...]

Wireless broadband in Australia

I’ve been using the iBurst (1MB/s) system for a few months now and have found it to be fantastic for LegionONE demonstrations to clients etc. 3 now have a Net Connect card with a $100/month [...]

Going wireless

I’ve been using WiFi for nearly 4 years – when my Dlink access point cost me $1100! Now you can pick up a WiFi bundle for under $300.  Even printers now like the HP 2510 [...]

US Wireless Broadband Services

Comments from a US based Technologist. The big question in the US is who is going to win the next telecom war: wireless, wireline or cable.  They each have a critical strength and weakness, and [...]

LinkedIn – trusted networking

Back in February, I was introduced to LinkedIn by my boss David Burden.  Since then I’ve grown my network of trusted business contacts to over 120. With linkedin, you can wash your own [...]