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For some time now, Apple has been a stand-out as a company that has seemingly shied away from social media, while at the same time being very successful. All that may change with the news that Apple has bought social media analytics company Topsy for a reported $200m+. Apple is flush with cash, and they could […]

Since joining IBM, I have been asked to speak at a wide variety of internal and external events. At many of these events, I have spoken about the power of twitter, and worked backwards and explained how I happened to be there at that particular moment as a result of just one tweet – shown […]

Today I can announce that I am joining IBM Interactive to help grow their Social Business practice. I have greatly enjoyed my nearly two and a half years as CEO of Kred, and I am leaving the team in good hands, and with their best wishes. You can watch a short video interview explaining the […]

For many in the social media and marketing industry, the Channel 4 Dispatches program aired on Monday 5th August 2013 in the UK came as no surprise. You can watch a 2 minute trailer for the show below. If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may […]

An interesting thing is happening to bloggers that are becoming more popular – we are being asked if we would accept articles on our site in return for payment. As someone who has been blogging since 1994 and is well known in the tech/social/mobile space, I’m getting nearly one of these every day – and […]

Earlier in the week, I blogged about a survey commissioned by Australian telco Optus looking at the future of business. As well as surveying 550 people working in companies, they also surveyed 2,177 Australian consumers aged 18 and older about their current and future expectations of interacting with organisations via traditional and digital channels. The headline […]

Hot on the heels of the news that UK mobile operator O2 has seen a drop of ONE MILLION customers calling their call centres, research commissioned by Australian telco Optus suggests that Australians still prefer visiting a store or using a call centre over digital alternatives such as mobile and social media. If you enjoyed […]

Interesting news today that UK mobile operator O2 is seeing 1 million fewer customers calling their call centres, so they are investing £50M in more digital services. Quoting from the press release: O2 today set out bold plans to re-define its customer service offering to better respond to growing demand from customers wanting to be […]

You’ve probably never heard of Santiago Swallow, Expert on Inauthentic Identity, Author of “Self’”. I had not heard of him either until last week when I came across an article in Quartz titled “How to become internet famous for $68” by Kevin Ashton, known for inventing the term “The Internet of Things“. If you enjoyed this […]

Most people who work in or around social media will have heard about the “Oreo moment” at this year’s Superbowl. To recap, the game was plunged into darkness for a full 33 minutes due to a power failure at the stadium, and the one brand that everyone remembers from this is Oreo thanks to the […]

I had a fascinating discussion with Helen Kennedy from Leeds University this week. She approached me about an interview to support her research and book about social media monitoring. During our interview, she was particularly interested on my view, and the view of the industry on the status of “public” social media posts. In particular, […]

As someone who has been using a customised URL shortener for around 4 years, I take a keen interest in brands and bloggers that set up their own short domain for sharing content on social media sites. In fact you probably arrived at this post by clicking on the link from my tweet, or […]

I am pleased to announce that London Calling now has its own Android app – available in the app store! If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may also like … To receive future posts you can subscribe via email or RSS, download the android app, […]

After reading so many stories about what is happening to FeedBurner (the RSS distribution service bought by Google in 2007), I have decided to say a final goodbye to the service. If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may also like … To receive future posts […]

Recently I have been writing and speaking more about social business than just social media. Many ask me “what is the difference?”, and “why should I care?”. I hope to answer both these questions in this post. If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may also […]

I received this email today (as did other fellow bloggers) from a mobile ad company. Click on the graphic to read in full (I have changed the name of the company to xxxxxx) and hidden the sender’s name. If you enjoyed this blog post you may like other related posts listed below under You may […]

Eagle eyed London Calling readers will have noticed that this blog has taken a closer look at the effects of digital disruption over the last few months. Not only do I enjoy writing on this topic, I believe it is at the centre of CEO thinking across the world today. This was borne out by […]

I was at a South Australia Club function last night and spoke with Melissa Hay (@milliesteps) about her experience with Twitter. She mentioned that Tahlia Dolan (@tahlialon) a colleague from the South Australian Government office in London had only joined twitter when at an Australian Business event and a trip to Australia with Qantas on […]