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As social media is becoming more prevalent, and people and companies are using it to make purchasing and hiring decisions, the role of social eminence is becoming critical. Almost on a weekly basis at IBM, I am being asked to speak about social eminence to groups of IBMers and clients. They all want to know […]

According to the latest FT–ICSA Boardroom Bellwether report, 47% of respondents reported that their board have never discussed a social media policy, and 39% had only discussed it between one and three times. Just 7% responded that their board had discussed social media more often. The Bellwether is a twice-yearly survey which contacts FTSE 350 company secretaries […]

Following on from my previous post about the new “Made with IBM” TV spots shown during the US Masters, you can now view all of the spots on YouTube. A number of publications have profiled the new spots such as the New York Times, Forbes, and AdAge. The 1:19 spot below sets up the series […]

 Big news! IBM (my employer) is investing $100M and will employ 1,000 people in their Interactive Experience business.  Importantly, they will be opening regional Interactive Experience labs around the world. Some really interesting tools have come out of IBM Research, and we’re already using them in our Social Business practice – see the video below, […]

At South by Southwest this week, I caught up with a number of really intelligent voices in the social world. One of these was Mark Schaefer author of Return On Influence about the role of an influencer in a B2B company, Klout’s alleged sale to Lithium, and Millennials. It was a really interesting discussion and runs […]

Tonight , 24th February 2014 at 6pm Barcelona time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will present the opening keynote at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). You can watch the keynote (17:00 GMT) at Why do I think he is brave? Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest mobile industry conference. Hosted by the GSM Association, […]

I was fortunate to have been invited to attend the IBM Connect conference in Orlando Florida last week. The conference started in 1993 as Lotusphere, and in 2013 was re-branded as IBM Connect. It is one of IBM’s major conferences, with guests and IBMers travelling from all around the world to discuss the latest in […]

An interesting debate was held at IBM Connect in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday 28th January 2014 around the value of Klout and influence platforms in general, and the value to employers and brands. Chaired by Louis Richardson, the debate featured Andrew Grill (former Kred CEO), William Tincup, Pam Moore, Jeanne Meister, Mark Fidelman, and Matt Ridings. It was […]

By now, many London Calling readers will have seen the video of Transformers Director Michael Bay fluff his lines on stage at CES in Las Vegas and literally “exit stage right”. In his own words … “Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES – I was about to speak for Samsung for this awesome Curved 105-inch […]

Over the Christmas break, I experimented with how I could share some of the 650+ posts (some of them actually quite good) that I have written over the last 10 years of blogging with an wider audience than I have now. Looking at my blog traffic using Clicky, I could see that I received a flood of […]

In the UK, the competition between High Street chains is intense. Not only are the 5 large chains looking for a larger share of a consumer’s wallet or purse, they also want the data that goes with it – linking each purchase to the individual profile of a shopper. Two competitors are taking a very […]

Is the news that Blogger Robert Scoble has started to go cold on Google Glass cause for concern for Google? In his latest Google+ post, he writes an open letter to the Google Glass team who seem to have now lost one of their biggest advocates. How could Robert go in just 12 months from […]

I was reading the cover story from Bloomberg Businessweek’s December edition titled “Can UPS Save Christmas” during some downtime over the last week. The article profiles Scott Abell (“Mr Peak”) who is in charge of the peak planning at UPS for seasonal events in the US such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Bloomberg looks at what […]

I’m delighted to announce that I have been named as a featured speaker at the IBM Connect conference in Florida in January 2014. I will be joined by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert along with many of my social media friends such as Mark Fidelman, Cheryl Burgess, Pam Moore, as well as fellow IBMers Ed Brill, […]

I’ve been speaking with many organisations over the last few weeks about how they can make better use of social in their organisation. As I speak to senior people about their existing social presence and strategy, something that has really struck me is how isolated some of their social teams are from the rest of […]

Over the next few weeks, we will be hearing from many social media pundits on “the top 10 predictions for social media in 2014″. One prediction I am hoping we will see is how social media will graduate to become social business in 2014. If you would like to hear my definition of social business […]

For some time now, Apple has been a stand-out as a company that has seemingly shied away from social media, while at the same time being very successful. All that may change with the news that Apple has bought social media analytics company Topsy for a reported $200m+. Apple is flush with cash, and they could […]

Since joining IBM, I have been asked to speak at a wide variety of internal and external events. At many of these events, I have spoken about the power of twitter, and worked backwards and explained how I happened to be there at that particular moment as a result of just one tweet – shown […]

Recently I spoke with good friend and blogger Neville Hobson. In this 20 minute interview, first broadcast on FIR, I told Neville why I believe social business is an imperative for organizations today. In my response, I offered a way of defining the term “social business” that focuses on people, behaviours and organization change, rather than purely […]