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I love this ad because it makes good use of the DEP (Digital Escalator Panel) format in that as you rise up the escalators (this was at Green Park coming up from the Victoria platforms), it shows a different person every few seconds. The video does not do justice to how well it looks. If […]

Hats off to @PlanUK and Clear Channel for pushing the boundaries and implementing the first campaign in London using Facial Recognition technology (can we call this FR?). I went down to the site this morning on Oxford Street (directly opposite Selfridges) to see it for myself ahead of my interview with @SoniaGallegoAJE today for Al […]

Looking through this week’s Economist, my eye was drawn to a full page ad, promoting the naming rights for the Dubai Metro – to be completed in 2009.  The print ad directs you to the Road and Traffic Authority’s website for the Government of Dubai, which then points to a special website Here, there […]